The Fairfax Street Choir          

                                                    Billy B, Herb Gura, Marla Hunt 
                                                  The Sleeping Lady Cafe  in Fairfax         

Bill Bramblett  "BILLY LOVE"


    One of the great talents of Marin County joined the Street Choir in the latter part of 1973. Being the guiding force and one of the founders of the Sleeping Lady Cafe, Bill already knew most of the people in the Choir as so many of them worked at the Sleeping Lady. He also had his own band (Space City). We begged him to audition for the Choir so he came over to 31 Cedar St. in San Anselmo and sang for us. There was no question in anyone's mind that we weren't going to grab him as fast as we could to be in the the Choir. It didn't matter to us whether he sang bass or tenor just as long as he accepted our invitation to join us.
     And so he did and was immediately given leads on Fade Away (a Rob Moitoza song) and Lay Your Burdens Down (a traditional gospel song). Later he inherited the lead on Let Your Light Guide You Home (a Marla Hunt song). He knocked all of the songs out of the park with his lead vocals . His greatest gift was his love for music. He wrote it, played it, performed it and shared it with everyone. As a matter of fact he is still playing music today with several Choir members. He has a fantastic CD out called Just Invoke the 33rd produced by Clyde Niesen who also played the bass on the CD. Our Choir ties run deep and several other Choir members are also on this CD. Lynn Majors (Brown Bird) sings a great lead on one of the songs and also does backups as does Cathy Beckwith. Dennis Desjardin plays saxaphone. I think it is amazing that all of these people were in the Fairfax Street Choir and they are all still playing music together today.
    Picture taken at the Sleeping Lady 6/01/13