The Fairfax Street Choir
If you listen carefully you will hear the sound of their tap shoes tapping during the breaks.

Christopher and Lynnie

Dancing to "Smilin' "

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    So just before the Wild Turkeys disbanded, Christopher Wear saw them perform with the Street Choir at a gig in Davis. He was actually on his way to Oregon to help his brother open up a Health Food Store. After being in Oregon for a short time he received a letter (which can be seen below by scrolling down). It was addressed to Christopher Dancer.  The letter was from Lynnie Roth telling him that the Wild Turkeys had hung up their dance costumes for the last time. She asked him if he would be interested in putting something together for the song "Smilin" so at the end of 1972 Christopher joined the Street Choir because of a miraculous letter sent from California that somehow reached him at his brother's house in Oregon.
     He and Lynnie were both amazing dancers and as a team they were unstoppable. One night at the Sleeping Lady Christopher danced almost the whole night, his most exciting number being done up on top of the bar. He and Lynnie worked out the dance to "Smilin" and it blew my mind. At long last my dream had come true. It was a reality. "Smilin" had hit the high point level in my heart. Lynnie was charismatic and oh so talented. What a pair they made. Christopher had and still has the amazing ability to put at peace anyone he touches. He touched many through the art of massage and so many more through his dancing. Back in the day to see Christopher and Lynnie perform was to see your troubles vanish even if it was just for a few moments. What a blessed gift to give to your fellowman.
  Lynnie              Christopher