The Fairfax Street Choir
"I was tapping into something that was the  ultimate for a budding singer"

My first band didn't have a name that I remember. I have a photo of us at Tony Brown's house, on the Bolinas Lagoon, which includes Dennis Hogan and  Dave Carlson. They let me be there as a singer! We were teenagers.

     Karen Trefts The Powerhouse Known As "Hosanna"
                     Will The Circle Be Unbroken
                            Music In The Air
           There's No Business Like Show Business
"When you saw her perform you knew she was drawing on the power of the universe  but when you heard her sing you knew somehow that even the angels stopped to listen".  Marla Hanson
    According to her own testimony Hosanna received a note (posted at the bottom of this page) from someone named Celie, a friend who knew she loved to sing. The note told her to go to Shelly Duncan's house and sing with the singers there. So Hosanna went and was hooked immediately. It was a place that she could go that was beyond singing in her husband's rock and roll band (The Tocaloma Swamp Band). Other singers were there along with a piano player/director. She said that she felt there was a simple, clear truth there. 

 "Through the words of The Street Choir's songs, we immersed ourselves in a new language. A new American experience of spirit that had its own vocabulary. The old tradition of Come Thou Fount. A Spiritual fountain where we nourished ourselves. Circle? Golden Ring? Let Me Be in the Heart of the Lord? Angel of Darkness? 
   Lets look at all this imagery! We hosted the poetry of a new people. The writers of a new script were among us, if we but knew.  The songwriters poured forth the stories we needed to live by. Experiences, both from our spiritual and psychedelic delving, combined.  And Fairfax, Home of a Sufi Temple, Tibetan lamas, Zen students from Muir Beach. Remnants of the Alan Watts influence,"Autobiography of a Yogi", The Youngbloods, Jesse out in Point Reyes. This was a beautiful imagination. "
 "The natural childbirth mothers. Surrounded by poet boys-to-men, "the British invasion" vintage costumes, gentle country guitar strummers, romance was in the air.  Rock and roll, surfer, weed smoking youth of the  San Francisco Bay Area arriving in a new incarnation of Gods and Goddesses to express the dawning of The Age of Aquarius."   Karen Trefts Hosanna 6/17/13
Hosanna Bauer
She never knew how the gigs happened. They just seemed to magically appear and she would just go. Actually she went back and forth between changing diapers for her son to singing on the microphone. There was always a place for the kids to play together while their parents sang. The kids knew that their parents were making music and that it was a good thing. There was even a babysitter to watch them during Choir practice. "One of the most important things I learned was how to sing harmonies and the resultant audience response to that" said Hosanna.