The Fairfax Street Choir
               OH CAN YOU FEEL IT

Diane was the first drummer to take part in the beginning of the Fairfax Street Choir. Marla and Diane had previously played music together in a Band called The Ace Of Cups followed by a group called Saving Grace with David Freiberg (Quicksilver Messenger Service), Mickey Hart (Grateful Dead) and Cyretta Ryan.
Diane Vitalich

     "In June of 1972 the Fairfax Street Choir  started up at Shelly Duncan's house (Gary Duncan, Quicksilver Messenger Service) in Fairfax CA. We began playing at the Sleeping Lady Cafe in Fairfax. During the next few years the Choir spread its wings and we played many venues. One of the particularly fun events was at the Whole Earth Festival UC Davis campus in Davis CA. in April of 1974.
    My most memorable Choir gig was at the SF Civic Auditorium.  Bill Graham booked The Fairfax Street Choir as the opening act for Crosby, Nash, and Young."
I am very proud to have my original song the "New World Medley" on this new CD. It was the third song I ever wrote and I enjoyed playing the drums and singing the lead vocal with the awesome voices of the Fairfax Street Choir."   A native of San Francisco and a long time resident of Marin County CA, Diane is well known and loved among the musicians in the Bay Area"