The Fairfax Street Choir
                     Choralis Records

Clyde Niesen

     Clyde was such a good bass player. We asked him to play with the Choir a day before we were supposed to play a Christmas show at the Lion Share. He sat in with us during a show at the Sleeping Lady Cafe a few days earlier but instead of playing the bass he played the tuba while wearing Christmas tree lights draped around himself that blinked on and off and were hooked up to an extension cord. He was a perfect fit.
     Clyde learned all of our songs within a few hours with the kind help of David Carlson. There were only 6 or 7 songs at that time so it wasn't really to difficult. Our Christmas show was a great success. The dancers had worked out a routine to Jingle Bell Rock and Mike Considine (owner of the Lion Share) smiled continuously while serving drinks at the bar. The Choir was happy and we ha
d a good bass player at last. You may notice in the picture below that some people can't help it, they just look like Abraham Lincoln no matter what they do. ;)