The Fairfax Street Choir

............................Shon and Maylock

Shon and Maylock were very tall and to be honest, a little bit crazy but that was part of their charm. They were loud and boisterous and perhaps the first to ever sing solo parts in the Choir.  Ah yes, now I remember. "Sinner man where you gonna run to" was one of the songs they had solos on. They also sang "No More My Lord" They sang with great gusto! Whether they were really in tune or not depended on how much Brandy  they drank from their flasks right before their solo. They came to all the Choir practices and devoted a lot of time and energy to everyone. They were like brothers to each other and great friends to everyone else. I considered them to be the first heroes of the Choir. I miss them sometimes even now and truly regret the day they left to go off and tread the road to fame and fortune in their own band.  We asked Shon and Maylock not to go but it was like asking the sun not to rise in the morning. They were young and had many Dragons to slay. Everyone wished them the best of luck and then they were gone. Oh sure we ran into them every now and again but it was never quite the same without them. What wonderful days those were at Cheryl Gurley's house and later at Lana Jone's house on Creek Rd in Fairfax. These were the days when Maylok was the Choir magician and when the Choir was like a bud just beginning to bloom. Everyone came to Choir practice no matter where it was. Miracles did happen. There was so much love and love makes music beautiful and music makes life worth loving.

We lost Maylok Stansbury in
November of 2011.

 Rest In Peace.
He came from a place where there is no space or time, brought that place with him into this realm, and then took it back with him when he left, leaving little glimpses of it behind. Yes he was amazing and still is.