The Fairfax Street Choir           
                        Four Ravens Flying
                                       Trying Hard To Catch The Sun

                           Bill Craig

I won't be in your dreams this morning.......
The Choir held out for a long time to get Bill Craig. We wanted him in the Choir so much and at last he started coming to practices. A wisp of wind almost passed us by but there he stood light and airy. Sometimes the urge to call him Hirschel became so strong I could barely stand it. I felt he would have been great playing a mad professor in a horror movie. I often felt that he had a stash of white pills that he took secretly and that he carried them in a hidden pocket in the lining of his coat.
His tenor voice was so perfectly clear and unbroken. I wasn't used to that kind of voice but craving after anything that neared perfection I welcomed it into my life with thanksgiving. His own compositions were so beautiful that I always listened to them almost in a trance and would give dirty looks to anyone who might suggest a distraction from my intent listening.
                          Here's to you Bill 

                   The rain has come and gone
                      as the small buds open
                   there comes to sound a note
                    In the still morning, a Lark

           The sound of a thousand monks chanting