The Fairfax Street Choir
                                     H ey look over yonder there's a storm a comin'
                                             Listen to the thunder of the heavenly drummin'

Laura Allan "Let the spirit fill you"

by Marla

   I followed Laura Allan around for a long time to get the Storm Song. The song itself brought me to my knees and I was in heaven every time she would sing it. I wanted everyone to hear her play and sing. I was so excited when she first came to choir practice.
     I remember working on the Storm Song in Cheryl Gurley's living room during the Fall and Winter months of 1972. The rain was pouring outside and a fire was going in the fireplace. As the months went by we added more of Laura's songs to our set list. I never understood her dedication to the Choir. I knew she loved it but I didn't realize until later how many other things she was involved in.
   She always added a softer, finer quality to our music by creating without claiming, by doing without taking credit, by guiding without interfering, She was the strength of goodness fulfilling it's own source and her laugh was infectious.
        Laura Allan

 Gather Together

 The Storm Song

   Slip and Slide

   Lookin At You

  The Ice Is Thin

She used to make popcorn for all of us when we practiced at the  Community Church in Fairfax. Her spirit touched so many people through her music. People still call today trying to find out more about her. Those of us that knew her miss her but we can always bring her back by playing her music.

Energy swirling and the sky is surrounding
The hurricane dancers overhead hear the pounding
My spirits en-twirling with the heaven's resounding
With a choir of ancient souls joining voices they sing 
to the rolling Of  the drum so come and let that stormy wind blow through you.